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Perma offers a line of Electromechanical Lubricators that includes Classic, Futura, Frost, Star Vario/Star Control, Pro MP-6/Pro C MP-6 and Ecosy.

The highest-quality machinery lubrication system needs to be custom-designed to protect your equipment from unnecessary and excessive wear and tear. The ideal lubrication system also reduces the time, effort, and money spent on lubrication processes in your facility while increasing worker safety and overall productivity.

Benefits of centralized and of automatic lubrication systems are many, including:

  • Increased productivity through less downtime
  • Reduced exposure to dangerous machinery
  • Increased machine life
  • Less contamination ingress to machinery
Experienced Professionals to Customize Your Machinery Lubrication Solutions

Through staying up with the latest technological advancements and our broad industry experience, we have become the preeminent choice in maintenance and reliability engineers for facility managers who need precision lubrication systems customized to meet their specific needs.

Whether you're just beginning to investigate automatic lubrication systems, or you need to upgrade your current system, LubriSource can assist you every step of the way. We meet you where you're at in your machinery lubrication process and help you:

  • Decide if an automatic lubrication system is right for you.
  • Determine which type of system would be the most advantageous to install.
  • Analyze all the variables necessary for designing the perfect centralized automatic lubrication system, then customize and install the ideal solution for you.
  • Improve your current lubrication equipment and system with the latest high-tech options and features.
Only the Top Leading Lubrication Equipment and Systems

We work closely with the most highly regarded, trusted manufacturers in the industry. That means you receive the highest level of service and care available, and enjoy easy access to a wide variety of reliable systems and parts such as valves, controllers, injectors, and pumps.

Find the Right Type of Automatic Lubrication System for You

Many types of automatic centralized lubrication systems are available for customizing into the perfect system for whatever you require. We can assist in creating an automatic system for a single lubrication point or a single system for multiple points. System can be designed to service a single machine or to help develop a site-wide precision lubrication program throughout an entire manufacturing facility.

Here are four of the most common types of systems used in industrial manufacturing facilities:

  • Single line systems - Service a single machine or multiple points on a single machine. Lubricant is carried through a single supply line to each lubrication point where an injector is set to deliver a precise amount of grease or oil.

  • Dual line systems - These work well under demanding conditions across large systems with dispersed lubrication points that require varying amounts of lubricant. Two main lines are alternately supplied with lubricant.

  • Progressive lubrication systems - Great for use on small- to medium-sized machines with multiple lubrication points spread over a wide area that require specific amounts of lubricant.

  • Many other systems are available with options and features to satisfy your every machinery lubrication need.

Contact a knowledgeable LubriSource representative to get started finding which automatic lubrication system and options will work best for you.

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