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Caustic Fumes/Gaseous Applications

Battery charging produces hydrogen and sulfuric acid gases. Consequently, many health and safety regulations require that battery charging be performed in a specially designated area where personnel, electrical equipment, and open flames are a safe distance away. Alternatively, an expensive investment in gas exhaust systems can be used. Air Sentry Gas Neutralization System (GNS) Breathers provide an economical and simple solution to this problem. GNS Breathers are easy to install using valves attached to the battery vents and plastic tubing which conduct the exhaust gases to the GNS mounting point, located either on or off the equipment. This flexibility allows the charging to take place at the work site or in an enclosed work area. Air Sentry GNS Breathers were designed in cooperation with a major international airline/air cargo company for use on ground support equipment and to reduce the health and safety risks associated with battery charging.
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