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From quality design to flawless installation, LubriSource takes service to a whole new level.

System Design

We offer complete system engineering and design in single line, dual line, air oil, injectors mist/spraying and re-circulating systems.


You'll receive a comprehensive training program for your maintenance personnel as well as your engineering department. Our training classes cover assembly and installation, along with how to maintain systems in your plant. Classes are also available for system design, programming, machine lube layouts and open/closed loop design for your engineering department.  Upon completion, each attendee receives a service and maintenance manual.


We can provide "turn key" installations of most lubrication systems. Including programming, air removal (priming), and system start-up.

LUBRISOURCE Is your one stop source for all your industrial lubrication system installation needs.

Our years of experience and highly skilled staff makes us the ultimate choice for lube system installation, repair, and maintenance.

Service / Maintenance

We can repair, and troubleshoot most lubrication systems in your plant. Replace worn or damaged parts.  We can provide monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual service contracts on specific machinery or the entire plant. This includes part replacement, oil analysis, and equipment inspection.

Lube Audits

We can identify and document the current condition of each system, and will provide the best solution to repair or replace problem lube circuits.


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