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Central Lube Pump Systems

Strong, durable lubrication pumps are at the heart of every well-running automatic grease or oil dispensing system. Automatic lubrication systems supply machinery lubrication points with precisely metered amounts of lubricant from a single, centralized location. Typical automatic systems include a pump, a controller/timer, and metering devices.

Accurately dispensing, measuring, and monitoring your machinery's lubricants are critical aspects in achieving a best-in-class lubrication program. Successfully performing these key actions positively affect your plant's overall operating efficiency and profits. LubriSource is with you from the first step in customizing fluid management, central lube and pump systems designed to specifically meet your needs. When these processes and systems are operating at peak efficiency, they offer the opportunity to extend the useful life of your machinery.

By continually monitoring the lubrication amounts and pressure of the system, the central lube system can recognize issues and alert you of their presence before they cause costly equipment breakdowns or failures.

We work closely with the most trusted manufacturers in the lubrication industry to provide clients with the highest level of service and care along with best quality products available today. LubriSource technicians can equip your automatic grease or oil system with a comprehensive range of pumps including:

  • Manual pumps: Most effective in applications that require relatively infrequent lubrication and have a low number of lubrication points.

  • Transfer pumps: Reduce man hours and ensure fluids are kept safe from contamination.

  • Pneumatic pumps and electric pumps: Provide solutions in most fluid transfer requirements, as well as central lubrication systems.

  • Gear lube pumps: For recirculating and terminating lubrication systems.

  • Oil drum pumps: Easily transfer and dispense oil from containers, drums or point of pour containers.

Trained, knowledgeable LubriSource technicians at your side means every care possible is taken to ensure the operational efficiency of your central lube and pump systems. Contact a knowledgeable LubriSource representative to start investing in your facility's lube systems today and begin improving your plant's production, profits and safety.


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